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E-goi Affiliate Programme Terms and Conditions

How the E-goi Affiliate Programme works

1) The Affiliate refers people to E-goi by including contents (articles and banners) on their website or newsletter promoting E-goi. Links to the E-goi site in those contents should use a unique affiliate URL (provided by E-goi).
2) When E-goi receives visitors through the Affiliate's unique URL links, those visitors will be associated to the Affiliate's E-goi account.
3) If a visitor signs up for a monthly plan or buys pay-as-you-go messages, the Affiliate will receive a commission on their own account.
4) If a visitor becomes a new E-goi affiliate, the Affiliate will receive a commission on the new affiliate's own commissions.

Affiliate requirements
The Affiliate should promote the E-goi platform to their website visitors using promotional contents provided by E-goi, making sure that their unique affiliate URL is always included in any link to E-goi's site. No relationship of employer and employee between E-goi and the Affiliate is created by this Affiliate Programme.

E-goi requirements
E-goi should make sure that all Affiliate Programme services are provided and correctly configured (including website access, account registration, technical support and payment processing) and that visitors and commissions are being correctly associated to the Affiliate's E-goi account through their unique URL.

E-goi will pay the Affiliate a commission on each E-goi account sale (monthly plan or pay-as-you-go) originated by a visitor who clicked through the Affiliate's unique URL.
2) If the visitor signs up for an E-goi plan, the Affiliate will receive a 30% commission on the plan's installment. Whenever the visitor renews their monthly plan, the Affiliate will again receive a 30% commission on that installment. If the plan price is higher than 250€, the Affiliate commission will be capped at 30% of 250€.
3) If the visitor buys E-goi pay-as-you-go messages, the Affiliate will receive a 10% commission on the messages purchased. Whenever the visitor buys another message batch, the Affiliate will again receive a 10% commission on the new messages.
4) If the visitor becomes a new E-goi affiliate, the Affiliate will receive a special 30% commission on any commission credited to the new affiliate. To be able to receive this special commission, the Affiliate must have previously purchased at least one E-goi service (plan or pay-as-you-go) in their own account.
4) All commissions will be added to the Affiliate's E-goi account, which the Affiliate can either use for E-goi services in their own account (eg. sending campaigns) or withdraw as cash.
5) The Affiliate can use the affiliate section in their E-goi account to monitor referral leads, account registrations and conversions. This information is provided by E-goi and overrides any other information gathered by the Affiliate.
6) When a visitor clicks on the Affiliate's unique URL, a cookie will be stored in the visitor's browser for 90 days. If the visitor signs up for an E-goi account after the cookie expires, the account will not be associated to the Affiliate's own account.
7) If an E-goi client associated to the Affiliate signs up for a plan or buys pay-as-you-go messages but cancels or fails to make their payment, any outstanding commissions to the Affiliate will be cancelled.

1) Affiliate commissions shall be paid by E-goi for all confirmed sales originating from the Affiliate's unique URL.
2) Commissions for monthly plan sign-ups or pay-as-you-go purchases will be added only after the sale has been completed and invoiced. All commissions are added to the Affiliate's account balance in E-goi.
3) The Affiliate can withdraw all or part of their commission balance by using their affiliate dashboard to submit a legally valid document stating the amount due. A minimum of 50 euros in commissions must be available in the Affiliate's E-goi account in order for the money to be cashed. Commissions can only be cashed once per month. Any bank fees or transaction costs relating to this payment will be incurred by the Affiliate.
4) In order to withdraw commissions, the Affiliate must issue E-goi with an invoice or send E-goi a payment receipt for the amount due.
5) If the above documents are not provided by the Affiliate to E-goi or are not in compliance with the required format, commission payments for that month will be be withheld. The Affiliate will only be allowed to request a new withdrawal in the next month.
6) How commissions are paid to the Affiliate depends on the Affiliate's designated country:
European Union: PayPal and Bank Transfer
Brazil: PayPal and Bank Transfer (except for Savings Accounts)
Rest of the world: PayPal 7) Commissions should be withdrawn until 23:59 WEST of the last day of the month. E-goi shall process the corresponding payment until the 10th of the following month, unless it falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Portuguese bank holiday, in which case payment shall be processed within the next business day.

E-goi reserves the right to terminate this agreement if the Affiliate:
a) violates the E-goi Terms of Use, which the Affiliate acknowledges to have read and agreed with when signin up for their E-goi account.
b) uses their Affiliate URL in webpages and contents which are not accepted by the E-goi Affiliate Programme.
c) misrepresents the E-goi products and services or uses names, brands, images, texts and webpages without prior express permission by E-goi.
d) runs paid advertising campaigns (across search engines, social networks, etc.) with the "E-goi" keyword and links pointing to E-goi's official site URL. Any E-goi advertising campaign by the Affiliate under this Programme should promote their own pages about E-goi.
e) uses their Affiliate URL in sites that promote violence, copyright infringement and discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin and physical disability.
f) tries to breach or exploit the E-goi Affiliate Programme in any way or form (including cookie stuffing) in order to illegally earn E-goi commissions.
g) has been enrolled in the Programme for more than 3 months with no sales and no affiliate promotional activity (eg. opens, unique clickthroughs) in the last 3 months (this review is performed monthly).

Any of the above actions will result in immediate termination of the Affiliate's account with a cancellation of any pending commissions. The Affiliate will also be in violation of the E-goi Affiliate Programme and subject to legal action.

Terms of Agreement
These terms and conditions shall commence on the date the Affiliate is granted access by E-goi to the «Affiliates» section in their account. This agreement does not constitute a legal partnership, joint venture or employer-employee relationship of any kind between the parties. It remains in affect until cancelled by either party at any time with immediate effect.

1 Any notice or other communication required or permitted to be provided under this Agreement shall be given in writing and sent via registered mail, sent via facsimile or sent via electronic mail, and shall be deemed effective upon receipt.

2 E-goi will regularly send notifications to the Affiliate as per our Privacy and Anti-Spam Policy.

Governing Law
This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Portugal and the courts of Matosinhos.

If you have question about these terms and conditions or would like to obtain further information about the E-goi Affiliate Programme, contact us.